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Lindbergh Field circa 1945

Yesterday's service and tradition. Today's technology and techniques


Richard Faris' grandfather moved to San Diego in 1913 and began building single homes. His company, L.C. Anderson Co. evolved to the position where they were called upon to build much of the Naval Training Center during the Second World War. In postwar San Diego, L.C. Anderson Co. was responsible for many significant projects, including the Sears North Park. Additionally, he created an engineering contracting company with William "Dick" Faris, Richard Faris' father, called S.P. Rental to pursue underground work. After the death of Dick Faris in 1957, L.C.Anderson sold L. C. Anderson Co. and S.P. Rental. When Richard Faris, in the early '70s, demonstrated an interest in the construction business, Lawrence Anderson took him under his wing, advising him and financing his first construction project.

After completion of this project, Richard Faris worked as a carpenter for several years before establishing a relationship with James J. Wermers founder of the company that is now Wermers Multifamily. Richard Faris worked with JJW from 1974 to 1977, introducing the JJW to public works construction with addition and remodel jobs for the City of San Diego and San Diego Unified School District.

In 1977, Richard Faris established Faris Construction Company. The company did some of the early historic rehabilitation projects in the Gas Lamp District of San Diego and new buildings such as the 12th & G branch of Bank of San Diego.

In 1982 with double-digit interest rates stifling construction in San Diego, Richard Faris decided it would be prudent to align will a much larger company. As a result, Richard Faris first lead Southern California procurement for R.G. Fisher Constructors and later became an executive with Hensel Phelps Construction Co of Greeley, CO. establishing their Southern California Office with 3 other executives. This office has put in place over $2 billion worth of construction.

After 20 years with Hensel Phelps, Richard Faris has decided it is time to once again service the owners of smaller projects in Southern California by bringing them the advanced expertise usually only found on larger projects.

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