Faris Construction
Doing Business With Us

Faris Construction Company values it's relationships with it's vendors and subcontractors. For that reason we are selective about the vendors we do business with. We expect all our vendors to conduct their business in an ethical and professional manner. To this end we have developed stringent contractual provisions to prevent unqualified vendors from underbidding legitimate vendors. IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO ABIDE BY THESE PROVISIONS, DO NOT GIVE US A QUOTATION. We are aware that some of our provisions will increase your bid.

General Provisions

    All subcontracts and purchase agreements with Faris Construction Company shall include these General Provisions. Any modifications to these provisions must be negotiated prior to you submitting your quotation. By submitting your quotation you acknowledge your agreement with these provisions. No modification of these provisions will be entertained after you have submitted your quotation. Faris Construction Company reserves the right to modify these provisions from time to time and adjust the revision date to indicate a change. The applicable revision will be the one in effect at the client's Bid Deadline. It is the vendor's responsibility to be sure that they are using the appropriate revision.

Bid Opportunities


    The Bid Board contains a listing of the projects we are currently bidding including the Bid Deadline, Estimator in Charge, Location of Plans and Specifications and other pertinent information. To view the Bid Board, click on the PDF document.

FTP FTP Server Login

    Bid Information consists of plans and specifications, project photos and other relevant bid information available on our ftp server filed by the name of the project. Information on public projects may be obtained without a log-on requirement. To view bid information on private projects, you must have a user account for that project. To connect to the ftp server, click on the link to the right.

Vendor Forms

Preliminary Lien Information

    This section includes various forms which vendors will find useful in doing business with Faris Construction Company, including Vendor Prequalification, Certificates of Insurance, Request for Information and Vendor Safety Requirements.

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